Call Me Sonya Grey by Sonya Grey Lloyd Review

Tuesday, December 22, 2009 |

Call Me Sonya Grey is a personal collection of poetic verse that is at once inspiring and challenging. Beginnng with the loss of her mother at age nine, Tupone Lloyd began collecting her thoughts in 40 poems in a diary from early childhood through her twenties. In Call Me, Tupone Lloyd describes the daily battles of self-image and self-expression she experienced growing up after the passing of one parent and the estrangement of another. With the death of her mother, Tupone Lloyd lost a part of everything she had known. Two states away, she finds herself with a different family, school, friends, home and a new name. The verses written during this time are one woman s exploration of her raw, emotional responses to dramatic life changes. This is Sonya's story. Call me Sonya Grey. -Goodreads

Call Me Sonya Grey was, to say the least, heartfelt and poignant. Emotionally, the reader is put through the wringer; I might consider picking this one up on an especially gloomy day.

I'm a big fan of poetry. In this case, not all of the poems were my cup of tea (not to say that I there weren't plenty I found fascinating- which I did!) There were times that I just didn't connect with what Llloyd was trying to get across, but I think that because her situation was one that I cannot truly relate to, it was harder for me to completely link myself to the writing. However, I did enjoy reading it almost as if a chronicled her journey of growing up.

If you're a poetry fanatic, I'd suggest you pick this one up. It's an interesting view on how the author has chosen to express her life through words... and well chosen ones at that.

Rating: 7.5/10


Nina said...

I like poetry, but do not love it! I don't know if this book is anything for me. I like the cover!

pissay said...

title of the collection itself reveals that the poet is bold by nature and expressed all her feelings without any hesitation, and makes it as a cuturally significant one.I have not read her any poetry, but it seems fine. -s.pissay

Tribute Books said...

Catherine - thanks for the review, it's much appreciated.

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