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Wednesday, December 2, 2009 |

"This small book, based upon the speech given by Bono at the 2006 NPB, delivers an inspiring and powerful message. Here, in Bono's own words, is a reflection on his own faith and a challenge to people of all faiths to reach across boundaries and come together on behalf of what the Scriptures call "the least of these. -Goodreads"

The mere idea that Bono has a book out intrigues me. I'm glad to hear that behind those sunglasses is someone who cares about the world. :) What are your thoughts?

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving break! I'm still recovering from the massive amounts of stuffing and mashed potatoes. Whew! Expect a review of John Green's Paper Towns will be up soon; be looking for that later in the week! Currently I'm reading a great book of poems, Call Me Sonya Grey, by Sonya Tupone Lloyd. What are you reading?

<3 Cate


Nina said...

It's indeed great to hear that Bono is interested in more things than singing, but he always was..is..:)

Want to read Paper Towns, so I cant wait for your review!

ps: I'm into two books!
Sucks to be me and Fake Boyfriend. :)

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