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Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get The Actor and the Housewife from the library until last night, by which time I didn't feel like turning on the computer. No more excuses, though- here's a snippet (not the general two sentences, because I believe this book deserves more than two):

"I think this calls for a pinky pledge." She hooked her pinky around his. "I, Becky Jack, agree to be Felix Callahan's pal, even though he's way overrated as an actor and screen hunk and can be such a brat."

Felix cleared his throat. "I, world-famous and fabulously wealthy Felix Paul Callahan, agree to be mates with Becky, even though she wears grandmother shoes and insists on popping out children with reckless abandon and shows no remorse for her vicious right hook."

"That was very nice. I almost shed a tear."

~ page 57

Shannon Hale is brilliant. Enough said.

<3 Cate


Anonymous said...

I love Shannon Hale's books and this sounds really good. Great teaser! :)

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