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Sunday, October 4, 2009 |

This Challenge is being hosted by Nicole over at WORD For Teens, and it didn't really sound like any challenge I had heard before. Go sign Mr. Linky at the link above if you're interested! Here's the fabuloso description:

Way back when, the ocean had yet to be explored. We knew nothing about it. Then, the HMS Challenger was sent out - its challenge? To scope the ocean and learn it's secrets.

With that in mind, readers, I challenge you to read (or reread) ten books between now and September 19th of 2010. But not just any ten books. These books must involve water - be it about pirates, mermaids, or the coast of California, fiction or nonfiction.

The question is - can you handle it?

My ten books are as follows:

1. Bloody Jack, by L.A. Meyer. {Firstly because I've heard many wonderful things and secondly because I just checked it out from the library}
2.Peter Pan, by J.M. Barrie. {Mermaids AND Pirates! AND Never-Never Land! Beat that!}
3.Piraticia by Tanith Lee {Nicole recommended this on her post. I trust her judgement. :)}
4.Mermaid Park by Beth Mayall {oooh. Title is intriguing, don't you think?}
5.Pirates! by Celia Rees {Title is self-explanatory}
6.Benjamin Manry and the Curse of the Blood Bones {I believe I won this book on a contest over at WORD For less to search for!}
7.The Life of Pi {Supposed to be amazing- and it has a shipwreck!}
8. Sirena by Donna Jo Napoli {I've heard wonderful things about this author! Can't wait to dive in! Excuse the pun.}
9. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain {Oooh.}
10. The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemmingway {Probably the hardest of the challenge. Because, well, it's Hemingway. But it's fairly short and supposed to be very good.}

So very excited!

<3 Cate


Nina said...

Good luck with the challenge. The list you got is pretty good! Peter Pan, so much fun to read. Enjoy!

Sarah said...

Ooh, Bloody Jack is a good one. I hope you like it!

And--tag, you're it! You've just received the Great Look Award for your blog. Go here for the details:

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