Pick-up/Put-down Syndrome

Friday, February 5, 2010 |
You may have noticed the lack of reviews lately...sorry! It seems that these past few weeks I have indeed come down with a case of Pick-up/Put-down Sydrome. Any of you had this experience? Lately all I've been doing is reading a few pages at a time of these three:

So far all seem to be really well-written, and the story-telling draws you in. For some reason I'm just not sucked into one in particular, so I'm just sort of cruising a long, reading a chapter here and there.

The cure? Not sure. Goodness knows I'd better get a review up soon! ;)

Hope your inner reader is feeling a little better than mine, haha! What are you reading these days? Any books to recommend? I'd love your suggestions!

<3 Cate


ninefly said...

I'm personally juggling 6 books myself, some from last year even =X add onto that I have little time for leisure reading during Midterm Season...*sigh*
good luck getting through your pile though, maybe it's winter weather?

aeimaginer12 said...

I have pick up/put down syndrome all the time! I love your word for it, though - it somehow makes it sound cool :D
- Amelia

Anonymous said...

I've done this quite a bit. There are a few books I start but at the time have no interest in finishing right away. It sucks when nothing it holding your attention. I hope you find something soon.

As far as suggestions go I'd pick something light and fun if you're into that kind of stuff. Right now I'm reading Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood and A Match Made In High School. Both are really funny with plots that keep you wanting to know more.

I hope you can find something! :D

Shweta said...

Happened to me so many times. I had to stop reading for a fornight or so because no book seemed to pull me in.

It'll pass. Till then do something else that intrests you. Or try comics or something if you like.

Nina said...

I know how you are feeling! :)

I agree with Michelle, just try a light fun read!

I just finished the devouring and am still in the middle of Nation!

Christina T said...

I've had that problem before too. Sometimes I really like the books but can't make up my mind about what I feel like reading at the moment. I have Suite Scarlett but I haven't started reading it yet. Not sure if I will like Liar but it is one of those books that I feel like I should read because of all the buzz about it. Hope you are able to finish your books soon!

Sara said...

Wow, I went through the exact same thing a couple of weeks ago. Surprisingly though, Liar was the book that actually cured the syndrome!

The Critic said...

I need to real all three of those books. I look forward to your reviews!

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