Some Improvements...

Monday, April 5, 2010 |
Hi everyone! How was your Easter holiday? Here, I've spent all my time relaxing, as well as updating a few things on the blog.

The first thing you may notice is my nifty new navigation bar, equipped with several tabs including a new About section, as well as all my policies and archives. I hope everything is a little more accessible this way; it's much more space-efficient than the clunky tabs I used to have on my left sidebar.

Also, I now have a chatbox! Feel free to leave comments, questions, or anything else (besides spam)! ;)

Look forward to a review of Nina LaCour's Hold Still this week, as well as a few other posts.

<3 Cate


pirate penguin said...

My Easter was nice. The weather was so beautiful that I wasn't even upset when I found that my huge chocolate bunny had completely melted under the sun's rays :D

I'm digging the new navigation bar! It is much more neater and space-efficient. Yay, I can't wait for new Cate posts! :)

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