River Secrets by Shannon Hale Review

Thursday, September 24, 2009 |
Razo has no idea why he was chosen to be a soldier. He can barely swing a sword, and his brothers are forever wrestling him to the ground. Razo is sure it's out of pity that his captain asks him to join an elite mission--escorting the ambassador into Tira, Bayern's great enemy.
But when the Bayern arrive in the strange southern country, Razo discovers the first dead body. He befriends both the high and low born, people who can perhaps provide them with vital information. And Razo is the one who must embrace his own talents in order to get the Bayern soldiers home again, alive.

Thanks for bearing with me through my Shannon Hale phase, everyone! One more to go, and then there'll be a little more diversity in reviews!

River Secrets has never been my favorite of the Bayern Books; I've always been more drawn to The Goose Girl and Enna Burning. This time around, however, my appreciation for Razo's story went up a few notches. I'm not all that sure what happened...but I felt like I could connect with Razo and found him to be such a humorous and lighthearted character.

I'm not going to get too fangirlish now, but if you know me, you know that I adore Shannon Hale's writing style. Each sentence is carefully crafted and incredibly fluid. I can never get over just how beautiful her writing is.

Although you can pick up any one of the books of the Bayern series and understand the plot, I would recommend you start from the first book. Happy Reading!

Rating: 9/10


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Great review, thank you.
Wanted to let you know, that you got an award!


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