Are You a Rereader?

Monday, August 31, 2009 |
Lately my mom and I have been discussing whether or not to reread books. Personally, I love to reread. I must've read each of the Harry Potter books more than a half a dozen times, and I reread the Books of Bayern by Shannon Hale on a yearly basis. Same goes for Sarah Dessen books.

However, my mom doesn't believe in rereading. At all. I've always looked at her like she was crazy, just because of the fact that I love being able to escape into some of my favorite worlds again and again. But, my mom has always said that she doesn't need to reread most books to get a sense of whether or not she liked it. In a way, I understand. There are so many new books out there, it almost seems like a waste to go back and reread a story again.

So, how about you? To reread or not to reread...(sorry, couldn't help myself)

<3 Cate


Priya said...

Usually it depends on the book. In most cases, books that are part of a series (Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, etc.) are ones I tend to reread. After reading through them once, I'll just turn to random pages and start reading.

But with stand-alone books, or books that leave me with a powerful message or feeling, I don't reread. For example, I ended up rereading North of Beautiful three times because I liked it so much, but each time, my appreciation for it went down. With those kind of books, rereading turns out to be not so fun for me. :)

ReggieWrites said...

I love to reread! But nowadays, I have no time...I only reread sometimes...and when I don't have a humongous stack of books in my TBR pile! LOL!

Rhiannon Hart said...

I reread for two reasons: First, if I really loved a book for its characters and setting. This was more of the case in high school when I had time to kill and an inadequate library. Favourites like Jane Eyre, Blood and Chocolate and Clan of the Cave Bear must have had at least 15 rereads each!

Now I have all these fantastic books at my fingertips I don't reread so much, but I have started revisiting YA books I enjoyed 10 years ago to see if they stand the test of time.

So yeah, I'm a rereader :)

suzyQ said...

I love rereading too! But I usually let about a year go by before I do because I always catch new things in the book that I didn't notice before.

Jenny said...

I used to reread more but then after I joined a bunch of book social networking sites my TBR went up into the hundreds so I stopped rereading as much. I will still reread my favorites though. Just not that often.

Anonymous said...

I reread everything if I liked it. I don't usually buy books, so my reading supply is kind of limited. If it's on my home shelves, I'll have probably read it at least five times.

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