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Saturday, August 29, 2009 |
Hi everyone! I apologize for not posting much this week- not only did school start, but I found out that I would begin taking the driving portion of Driver's Ed! That's right, I've officially been behind the wheel! Unfortunately, I'm also behind on the blog. But that's all about to change; next week I'm free and clear to post during the week, and hopefully my teachers will ease up on the homework a bit.

Currently I'm reading The Prophecy of the Sisters, which has not seemed to really pick up for me yet. I'm counting on a good ending, though. ;)

What are you reading, and are you enjoying it?



pirate penguin said...

Ah! Driver's Ed! I still have to get my license... I'm totally slacking on that *shaaame!* I start school this Tuesday and I can't believe it x___x.

I really want to read Prophecy of the Sisters *is thinking of buying it* ...hmmmm. Right now I'm reading Greenfyr which is very long (but very good!)

Priya said...

I'm reading The Once and Future King, which is an English mythology classic. It was terrific at the beginning, but it's getting more and more boring now.

Melanie said...

Prophecy of the Sisters sounds really good! It's one that I've been hoping to read. I hope it picks up for you.

Driver's Ed? Wow. I *should* have my permit by now, but I haven't studied enough to take the test. How does it feel, to be behind the wheel?

Cate said...

Pirate Penguin: I know what you this rate I'll be lucky to have my license before college! And school, well, I've learned (once again) that it's no where near as fun as summer. But it is interesting

Priya: I should really be catching up on my classics as well- but many of them seem to have that affect on me. We're about to read The Scarlet Letter in my English class, but I haven't heard too many wonderful things. Apparently Hawthorne was long-winded. Yipee?

Melanie: At first, I was scared out of my mind. But after driving around the parking lot a few times, I felt a little more confident. For me, it just takes a lot of focus. Especially on turns. *shudders*

Rhiannon Hart said...

I'm reading Skinned and loving it, and just about to start The Ask and the Answer. I'm also loving the fact that the weather is warming up!

Nina said...

Hi, I am now reading a dutch book called Moederskind and i just read i heart you, you haunt me!

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